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Zoom Melanie Newman Everyday Dog Conditioner
Zoom Melanie Newman Everyday Dog Conditioner

Melanie Newman Everyday Dog Conditioner

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Formulated to exacting specifications for drop coat, harsh, wired, Gundog and Spaniel coats, utilising natural plant derived ingredients Everyday is especially designed for gentle cleansing. Enriched with organic essential oils Tea Tree, Peppermint and Eucalyptus. Everyday will add moisture and naturally cool the skin leaving your dog’s coat smelling fresh & clean. Everyday contains Tea Tree, Peppermint and Eucalyptus with antibacterial and moisturising properties for gentle cleansing.

The Everyday Conditioner is rich and luxurious. Formulated for smoothing out coats and eliminating frizz, it will strengthen and protect your dog’s coat from the harsh environmental elements.  Melanie Newman Salon Essentials Everyday collection is formulated for drop coat, harsh, wired,
Gundog and Spaniel coats, with a formula designed for more frequent use and everyday protection
The Everyday collection will leave your pets skin and coat shiny and frizz free.

•Cleansing conditioning
•Control frizz and fly away coat
•Increase shine to your dog’s coat
•Detangles the coat

pH balanced, pet friendly, no SLS or paraben, no petrochemicals and no synthetic perfumes. 100% Vegan, No Palm Oil, trial and tested in some of Australia's leading professional grooming salons. Formulated to exacting specifications, and utilizing natural plant-derived ingredients this gentle shampoo cleans and balances the canine skin with optimal coat conditioning and shine.

Benefits: Free from harsh synthetic chemicals, Melanie Newmans Salon Essentials Everyday Conditioner contains vitamin enriched moisturising oils and organic essential oils of Tea Tree, Peppermint and Eucalyptus, providing a clean, fresh smelling coat with a natural shine

Size: 500ml

The Melanie Newman Salon Essentials collection is proud to use a range of natural ingredients that bring out the best in your dog’s coat. Key ingredients, such as Aloe Vera and pure essential oils are used in all our formulations. This increases hydration, soothes your pet’s skin and you have the comfort of knowing our products use plant derived and natural essential oils.

The moisturising characteristics of Aloe Vera are well known among products for human use, however the soothing properties are just as beneficial to use on “man’s best friend”.

Aloe Vera is native to Central America and grows in subtropical and tropical climates. With over 20 beneficial compounds, some of which include aloin, resin, emodin and volatile oils, the gel obtained from this succulent plant enhances the gentle properties and coat conditioning function of our products. This means that your dog will have optimal coat, condition and shine with the added bonus of smelling great


Melanie Newman Everyday Dog Conditioner