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Our Ambassadors


The Pawmise is extra special after Panda entered our hooman lives. We fell in love with his innocence and playfulness. We wanted to make sure he gets the best of everything; especially food. He loves body slamming into people he recognizes, despite his tiny size (he is only 3kg!) and absolutely adores belly rubs. Food and nap times are two of his absolute favorite past times and he eats more than his size, for sure! He trusts humans infinitely and relies on us entirely for everything. As his hoomans, we promise the world to him and will do everything we can to make sure the trust is never broken.

A R Y A & Y O D A

Hello, I am Princess Arya, a 5 year old British Shorthair, also the master of the house. My human loves me to bits and ensures that I get only the best in life. I developed allergies when I was about 3 years old and had to be put on various trial diets to find out what my allergies are. The mystery has now been solved and I am loving my freeze dried raw rabbit food from Purpose. I love to eat, catch paper balls, watch cat TV on YouTube, sit on my human and sleep of course! I don’t quite like my fellow cat friend Yoda but he is rather handsome, I’ll give him that.

Yoda would like to add that he is the cutest male cat in the east of Singapore! He ain’t as greedy as me but he appreciates good food and loves his toys! He was found on the streets and joined us 2 years ago. He was in a bad shape when he came, malnourished and had ear mites, he’s now on freeze dried raw turkey and his health is much better.

We are your family (or rather your masters) and we deserve the best you can offer to us! So get on it, give us quality food and toys!



Poppy is an exceptionally special member of our family ever since we set eyes on her in 2020 at an adoption drive. She was rescued by a local shelter from a breeder upon “reaching the end of her useful life” as a birth machine, caged up with a sagging back and abysmal teeth. 

Our encounter to adopt Poppy was completely serendipitous and she fit into our family like the most perfect little glove (fun fact: she and mama bear have teamed up to form the most stubborn monarch under this roof, much to papa bear’s dismay and agony). Even though she’s still a shy and mostly antisocial doggo, Poppy has grown to love car rides and sticking close to her pawrents wherever they go. Poppy also learned how to climb stairs recently, albeit with some coaxing. It has been such an incredible journey to witness Poppy come out of her shell to fully love and trust us. As pawrents, especially to a furkid with unknown and likely abusive backstory, we strive to provide her with only the best in however much time we have left with her. We do so by ensuring optimal grade nutrition for her sensitivities and premium quality care products, some of which have been grossly misrepresented in the marketplace - ‘tis our pawmise to her!