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Welcoming Your New Kitten or Cat!

Hi there, Ange here! Today's post will be an introductory piece on what you should have if you're a first-time pawrent to a kitty! It’s an exciting time to prepare for your newly-adopted kitten(s) or cat to your home! I have two beautiful kitties at home and this is a list of things to prepare for from my own personal experience!

To ensure that your kitten(s) have a pawsome experience at your home, you can use The Pawsome’s Ready For My Kitten(s)/Cat checklist:

  1. Litter Box – ideally, there should be one litter box for every kitten/cat and one extra. Please consider getting a litter box which has a removable cover as it will be easier for kittens to have an open litter box. Depending on your kitten(s)’ age, you may need a litter box which is lower in height at first. Cats can use open top litter boxes or ones which can have a cover on top for more privacy. We have a few options right here.
  2. Litter – it’s best to use non-clumping litter for kittens to avoid any ingestion issues. For cats, it’s best to ask the cat shelter or foster parents what the cat is used to. 
  3. Food – we recommend feeding your kittens species appropriate diets, ideally grain free and high-quality brands. Kittens will need kitten specific diets until they are one year-old, where you can then transition to our Purpose Food Freeze Dried Raw diets. For cats, you can check out our Purpose Food Freeze Dried Raw diets
  4. Feeding Station – using ceramic, glass or metal bowls would be preferred as they are more hygienic. Please keep the feeding station away from the litter box area!
  5. Boxes, Towels and Beds – Cats and Kittens love boxes, it would be great to have 1-2 boxes filled with soft towels and you can also consider our Tahiti bed for cats/kittens. The soft cushioning makes for excellent beds!
  6. Toys – Prepare a variety of toys including teasers, balls, crinkle balls or interactive toys. You can check out some variety here. Cats love to play!
  7. Cat Scratchers – A cat tree with multiple tiers will be ideal. You can also consider MPETS’ cardboard scratcher here
  8. Cat Carrier – It would be more practical to purchase one which is larger so you can continue to use it into their adulthood. Check out our cat carriers here

We recommend you place the above items into one bedroom for your kitten(s) or cat. 

Once you have prepared the room, it’s time to welcome your kitten(s) or cat. When he/she arrives at your home, it is best to confine them to one bedroom first so he/she can take time to explore this smaller area and not be overwhelmed by the entire house or hide in areas you cannot reach. 

As the kitten(s) or cat arrives, it is recommended to let them come out of the carrier on their own and give them the space to explore. You can have food and water available in the room on arrival so they can choose to eat if they are ready. Some kitten(s) or cats may take a day or two to get comfortable, so don’t worry too much if they are hiding for a day. 

Once they are comfortable, they will start to explore their surroundings and get comfy with you! Hope your journey with your new kitties are filled with endless joy!

Love, Ange