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Aloof Cats: Myth or Fact?

Hi there! I am Ange, mom of Arya & Yoda (@aryalovesyoda), one of the faces behind The Pawmise. Growing up, I have heard too many stories of cats being aloof, distant or just a lil' crazy, so when I finally decided to adopt a cat, I had preconceived notions of how it would be like. Fortunately, all those stories were made untrue with the arrival of my first cat, Arya!

Arya is a British Shorthair cat and came to me when she was just 8 weeks old. She's all love and a little greedy kitty. You will either find her sleeping on my lap, on my neck or right next to me in bed, purring! She would meow for attention and insist on getting her meals earlier than scheduled or just meow for no reason at all.  She's now almost 5 years old and still as loving and greedy.

Cats can be affectionate to their hoomans, it really depends if they are socialized well at a young age (ideally before they are about 3 months old). Lucky for me, stories and myths about cats being less affectionate and distant were all proven wrong. 

I have been fostering kittens & cats with Project Luni Foundation (@project_luni) for 1.5 years and while there are stray cats who may be feral, there are also many stray cats and kittens in Singapore who belong in a loving home with us. With The Pawmise, we hope to bring not only the best food and lifestyle products for your furkid, we also aim to bring together an animal community that is relatable and has a well of knowledge for any pawrent out there!