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A Chat with Nina Heusler, Founder of Project LUNI Foundation

Project LUNI is a non-profit foundation registered in Singapore that focuses on rehoming and caring for street cats since 2016. Nina Heusler, Founder of Project LUNI Foundation joins us today for a Q&A on how she started the work to help community cats in Singapore and of course her love for cats. 

Q: When did you start Project LUNI, please share your story on what inspired you to start a cat charity in Singapore? 

Nina: I started Project LUNI as a small one-woman-project in 2016 when I moved to Singapore. I helped with cat charities before in Hong Kong. When volunteering at SPCA Singapore I realised quickly how much need there is in Singapore. In August 2018 we finally registered officially as a Non Profit Foundation.

Q: What are your main objectives for Project LUNI?

Nina: Our 4 main pillars to help street cats are:
- Trap-neuter-return (TNR - sterilisation of street cats)
- Rescue, fostering, socialising and rehoming of kittens and abandoned cats
- Responsible feeding of stray cats
- Medical care for injured or sick street cats

Q: Where do you see Project LUNI in the next 5 years? 

Nina: I am very happy if I can see what happens the next day, haha! Of course we hope to continue helping as many cats as possible. If we have the chance, we might apply for charity status and/or expand to other countries, but whatever happens, we will continue to help as many cats (and who knows, maybe also other animals?) as possible.

Q: How can the animal loving community help Project LUNI and the cats in Singapore? 

Nina: Be kind and open your heart (and if possible home) for stray animals. Educate others, support TNR projects, sterilise your own cats and adopt instead of buying animals which is supporting the cruel breeding business. Every animal deserves a decent life.

Q: How does your fostering program work? 

We work with individual fostering families who take care of cats and kittens, socialise them, bring them to the vet for check-ups, treatments and vaccinations, etc. When they are ready to adopt, we put them up for adoption. Project LUNI and the individual fosterers together will screen the potential adopters and ensure the kitties are only going to ideal homes. We have many former foster kitties who moved all around the world with their new families, Korea, Japan, USA, Australia, UK, Italia, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, and many other places. For us it is very important, that the adopted kitties are part of the family and whatever happens, they will not be left behind.

Q: Can you pls share one of your most successful cat rescue stories with us? 

Nina: We have so many special cases but one that touched my heart especially recently was Jupiter. This poor girl was found emaciated and half dead under an HDB block. When we received her first picture, I was pretty sure she would not make it. Jupiter had severe health issues and it was quite a challenge to bring her back to health. Thanks to our amazing fosterer Ashwini who showered Jupiter with TLC, healthy food and brought her to her many vet visits she thankfully recovered and finally could be adopted. I still have tears in my eyes when I think about it.

Q: Do you have your own cats? Please share more about your adoption stories of them? 

Nina: We have 4 cats in Singapore. Chucky and Annabelle are from Hong Kong, we rescued them out of a cage in a loud bar. They were terrified and traumatised for months until we could even touch them. Both moved with us to Singapore in 2016. The next addition was Tyson who is a beautiful black kitty, rescued at my very first big TNR project in an industrial area in Singapore. He came to us as a young kitten with several health issues. Last but not least we have kept Steve-O as a foster fail after found in a glue trap as a tiny 5 week old kitten, half dead. 

The Pawmise sincerely thank Nina for sharing her love for cats and for the years of work helping the community cats in Singapore. 

If you are keen to support Project LUNI Foundation, please visit for more information on their volunteering, fostering and donation programs. 

The Pawmise is also committed to helping animal charities in Singapore and from now till end of December 2021, with every purchase of PURPOSE Cat food, 10% of the sales will be donated to Project LUNI Foundation, please use the code <GIVELUNI10> at check out to ensure the donation is tracked. Thank you!