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Purpose Freeze-Dried Raw Dog & Cat Food: Feed Good, Feel Good


Purpose's journey started with the purpose of offering a better pet food - one that's nutritious and reflects values as animal lovers. Only using farm-raised, grass-fed, free range or wild caught protein sources it the philosophy behind them is clear:

'To produce humanely raised, fully nutritional, biologically appropriate diets for dogs by using only the freshest ingredients available at local markets.'

Purpose offer superior quality, humanely raised freeze-dried raw pet food with a goal of improving quality of life, not just for all pets but also for the farm animals. Purpose believes that the humane treatment of animals should extend to those that make up your pet's ancestral diet.

How Is Purpose Different?

With Purpose, you are supporting humane farm animal practices, guided by an attitude of care, responsibility and respect. Purpose only works with suppliers who either have a humanely-raised certification label or have extensively humanely raised practices. 


Formulas of the food are made sure to be balanced and complete for both canines and felines based on their specific nutritional needs. Meat and poultry sourced are guaranteed 100% all natural no steroids, no added hormones, no antibiotics and vegetarian-fed.

Why Freeze-Dried?

Freeze-drying is a 2-day process that retains nutritional elements in raw food, allowing it to be safely and conveniently stored without refrigeration. Purpose Freeze-Dried products are nearly identical in nutrition, composition and nutrients to that of fresh raw food and treats. 

It is ideal for everyday meals, snacking or even used as a topper with a well-balanced kibble or wet food to significantly enhance your pet's nutrition. It is also convenient on the go without needing refrigeration. 

Freeze-drying is the gold standard when it comes to food preparation. Essentially the moisture is removed and the nutrients remain in a convenient form. Freeze dried is cold processing which does not change the original nutritional content. Dehydration process uses high heat and it reduces the nutritional content and provides less value to pets. We only manufacture freeze dried as we focus to create the highest quality pet food.

Each Purpose Dog and Cat Food formula is focused around a healthy diet based on what dogs and cats eat in the wild. With a freeze-dried raw diet, most owners see a noticeable change in their pets, including less stool amount, reduced stool odor, improved breath and a boost in energy. 

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Purpose Treats are suitable for both dogs and cats as they contain just one ingredient: a free-range or grass-fed protein sourced from American farms.


Find Purpose Freeze-Dried Treats here.

Purpose food and treats are passionately prepared using humanely-raised, antibiotic-free and steroid-free meats and poultry, organic produce, minerals and vitamins. It is 100% sourced in the USA and made in a USDA inspected production facility. Every batch is tested prior to market release to ensure product safety.

Purpose Freeze-Dried Raw Dog and Cat Foods are formulated to meet the nutritional values established by the AAFCO Dog & Cat Food Nutrient Profiles for All Life Stages.